Why Patacode

Patacode changes your home address to a smart address that allows anyone to get to you, while still giving you control over who has access to the address and when

Hassle Free

No more calling multiple times to get directions


Add a smart address once, and share it with anyone who needs to get to you.


Securely give and revoke access to whoever, whenever

Easy To Remember

Instead of sharing your full address, share an easy-to-remember Patacode

How It Helps

Patacode helps your life in a variety of ways.

Food Delivery

Share your Patacode with the rider for hassle free delivery with no phone calls for directions needed.

Location Sharing

Inviting a few friends for dinner? Share your Patacode, and let me get to your place hassle-free

Emergency Services

Avoid delays in emergency services arriving by providing your Patacode

Address Verification

Instead of providing a utility bill, share your Patacode with government and private organizations as address verification

Ride Hailing Services

Share your Patacode with the driver and have them get to your door easily

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Connect With Us

For instant support and any questions:

Email us at support@patacode.com